Who is a Zarathushthi?

A follower of Asho Zarathushthra is called Zarathushti (Zartoshti in the Persian labguage (Iran) and Parsi in the Indian languages in India and Zoroastrian in Greek/English).

Everyone who wishes to follow teachings of Asho Zarathushthra Espanteman (name of prophet in Zarathushthrian Religion) could be initiated into. Every man and woman must learn about the religion (Basic teachings of religion, prayers, history of religion, theology and ideology) before he/she attends an initiation ceremony.

The ceremony will be conducted by a Mobed (priest) or a Zarathushthrian who was initiated by a Mobed at least one years ago and has good knowledge about the religion and knows prayers well.

A New Behdin (one who wants to be initiated) should be over 15 years old.

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