Det Norske Zarathushthriske Trossamfunn (DNZT) was established in Norway in 2004 and registered as a religious socity.

We, in Norway, are a small section of the worldwide Zarathushtrian community and in religious issues we follow the ‘Anjuman-e Mobeddan-e Iran,’ the Council of Iranian Mobeds (Priests).

DNZT is an independent religious and cultural association.

DNZT has no political interests and has no link to any political or governmental organizations. DNZT welcomes
co-operation with other non-political and independent cultural organizations or groups, on cultural and social issues.

DNZT is ready to work at all levels with all Zarathushti associations and groups all over the world.

The objectives of the Zarathushthrian Associtaion of Norway are:
1.To help the Zarathushthrians of Norway to practise their religion.
2.To celebrate our festivals and perform religious ceremonies in Norway.
3.To spread the message of Asho Zarathushthra in Norway.
4.To help people, in Norway and abroad, to join the Zarathushti religion.

DNZT became a member of The World Zoroastrian Organization (WZO)
in September of 2013.

DNZT, Postboks 6688 Rodelokka, 0502 Oslo , TLF: 94433451 , E-post: